The Osborne EB-3
The Osborne
EB-3 Miter Guide
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Rock Solid, Dead Accurate
The All New Osborne EB-3 was completely reengineered to incorporate improvements and suggestions received from our customers over the years. It brings together the ultimate engineering advantages of our patented triangular design.
  Adjusting and Reversing the Fence is simple!  To adjust the fence closer to or farther from the blade, remove the two fence mount knobs and separate the fence from its mount. Then position the fence exactly where you want it and tighten the knobs. To reverse the guide for use on the other side of the blade, simply remove the two fence fastening knobs (fig. 1) and the fence attachment plate (fig. 2), slide the inner brace out of the outer brace and flip the fence mount to the other side of the guide bar, then reconnect by reversing the process (figs. 3 & 4) and replace the knobs.
figure 4
figure 2
figure 3
fig. 2
fig. 4
fig. 3
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figure 1
The Latest Features Include...
• Three expansion slots in the guide bar, which provide a more positive fit in your saw. The adjustment is made from the top to easily &  quickly establish the perfect fit.
  • New fence extension allows for solid support of long material and carries the flip stop out to 42 inches.
  • Fence adjustment from side to side to put blade clearance exactly where you want it.
  • Accuracy within 1/30th degree right out of the box, but includes a simple and precise ZERO calibration adjustment feature should the need arise.
• The index on the telescoping arm allows you to set specific angles. There are 20 preset/auto-locating settings. They are at each 5 degree increment and at 22 1/2 degrees for frequently used angles. Half or even quarter degree settings can be selected by visually splitting the space between the angle indicator lines.
• The table pictured comes applied to the guide bar directly behind the handle and is a quick easy reference to help you select the correct angle for a desired number of sides. For example, to create a four-sided frame set the guide for 45 degrees. To create a nine sided frame use 20 degrees etc. This will save you from the need to do the math necessary to determine odd angle settings for objects with an unusual number of sides.
   This is a detail of one of three expansion slots in the guide bar that allow you to precisely adjust the actual width of the steel guide bar to perfectly fit your saw's slot. The hex key provided fits in the center hole to turn a set screw which advances up in a tapered hole spreading the steel.  This takes any lateral play out of the fit. The heavy gauge steel T-Slot washer is removable.
fig. 1
   In this semi-transparent illustration you can see how the connection between the riser and the red extrusion is off-center on the cylindrical riser.  A hex key can be inserted in the hole in the top of the red extrusion to loosen the connecting shoulder bolt. Then, by rotating the black riser, the entire extension arm assembly can be precisely adjusted as you see fit to plus or minus exact zero.